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Cannabinoids: Consider them your first option, not your last resource

Medicine that touches the world

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Every day, people throughout the world struggle with pain, anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, and the physical consequences of many diseases.  Our company is on the front line in research, education, and promotion of the positive impact that cannabinoids could have on these patients. 

Please, take a moment to watch our video and our story as educators and architects of cannabinoid benefits and treatments.


Our company has dedicated more than 15 years to the research of medical cannabis, not only in advocacy of their known uses but also in studying for better efficacy that cannabinoids could have in the treatment of various pathologies.

More than 100 phytocannabinoids have been identified in the plant.  However, CBIH has a compelling need to go beyond just CBD and THC, and includes CBC, CBG, CBN, and other less-researched molecules, to add on the individual benefits of other compounds to achieve greater relief in several pathologies as a result of our treatments.


Clinical research is the cornerstone of medicinal treatments. Our company dedicates an important portion of our medical approach to partnership with pharmaceutical companies to study different drugs development.

Please, watch this video that not only describes our mission but is also a tribute to all volunteers that contribute to the knowledge of many diseases and the study of the efficacy of new treatments.

If you are a Spotify user, please take a moment to listen to our audiobooks regarding the cannabinoids medical industry:

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